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Pastor Tom Sabens


A very special video of our beloved Pastor Tom as he shares his passion for the church, its people, and the grace of God. Enjoy.

Pastor Tom Video

A Note from Jane Sabens to Our Church Family…

Dearest Family and Friends,

Let me assure you that Tom fought with everything he had within himself as he leaned in to the Lord. The Lord provided strength, opened doors to get the necessary treatment, provided opportunities to build relationships with those he met along the way, and circumstances to grow in empathy, grace, faith, and dependence on the God of Heaven.

These fifteen months have seen celebration and agony, joy and sadness, faith and fear. Almost three of those months were spent in hospitals, being treated by competent, skilled, compassionate, and kind healthcare workers. We owe our thanks to all as they gave their best.

Much of our time at home was blessed by home health and finally by hospice care. Those assigned to Tom’s care were angels sent from God.  They provided real help, advocacy, comfort, and when needed, the ability to say hard things with much love. I am truly grateful for their ministry.

And now to you, our family and friends near and far, I will forever be thankful for you. The course of this journey has been made softer by your constant prayers, love, and deeds of kindness.  Some of you have encouraged Tom and me in the midst of your own suffering in this year of pandemic. Our needs have been met by your limitless generosity of finances, meals, housing, deeds of service and outpouring of love. Your prayers have sustained our family by holding open the door of God’s abundant provision. 

On May 1st, 2021 while in the hospital, Tom announced, “I’m going Home”. Hospital staff and I were ready to move heaven and earth to get him back to the house. Not too much later I came to realize that Tom was referring to his forever Home. His battle with cancer was over. No more tests, procedures, or therapies. He wanted to be in his own bed surrounded by loved ones as he prepared to leave this earth. On May 5th, we said our tearful goodbyes as Tom gazed beyond us and went Home. His pain is gone and he has gained ultimate healing. I know this to be true through faith in our trustworthy God.

I love this man, Tom Sabens, and take comfort in knowing I will see him again at Home when I get there.

Blessings on you all,


“I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages”

– Charles Spurgeon
(one of Pastor Tom’s favorite quotes)