Safe Families at Grace Point

Grace Point Fellowship is dedicated to supporting Safe Families for Children. We encourage those who are led to volunteer by becoming a host family, caring for a child in your home, or becoming a family friend. We offer training at Grace Point Fellowship in our Cafe. There are always ongoing needs so please contact Rick Fraenkel with any questions about this ministry.

**Next Meeting is Monday, January 20th 
@ 6pm Grace Point Fellowship** 

For more information contact Rick Fraenkel at 541.941.3830
or by email at

Safe Families for Children’s vision is to create a world where children are safe and families transformed through radically compassionate communities. Our mission is to host vulnerable children and create extended family–like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by compassion to keep children safe and families intact.

What if…

  • we could stop child abuse before it starts?
  • it wasn’t a shameful experience for at-risk families to ask for help?
  • single moms were connected to support instead of socially isolated?
  • local government, non-profits, and churches worked together to help families in crisis?
  • a family’s safety net was their neighbors instead of the government?
  • you didn’t have to ‘qualify’ to be cared for?
  • children and teens could be protected during times of crisis without being permanently separated from their parents?

 Safe Families for Children is the answer.

94% of children hosted in a Safe Family return home and will never be the subject of an abuse or neglect allegation.

Isolation is the most significant contributing factor to child abuse. Through Safe Families for Children, parents step out of isolation and into relationships, reducing the risk of child abuse.

Safe Families for Children keeps families together, and research shows that children who grow up in biological families are more likely to:

  • earn a high school diploma and college degree
  • be employed and have health insurance
  • decrease welfare dependency
  • avoid incarceration

Becoming a Safe Families for Children Volunteer is easy and rewarding.

As a Host Family, caring for a child in your home, or a Family Friend, standing alongside a family offering wisdom and guidance or providing essential support through material goods, you will impact your community for good and potentially help a family chart a course to sustained health and success.

**Meeting, 3rd Monday Every Month @6pm**

Areas of involvement to consider:

  • Host Family: Voluntarily host children in your home on a temporary basis.
  • Family Friend: Encourage and support host families and families in need.
  • Resource Friend: Provide goods & services to families in need. (meals, gas, groceries)
  • Family Coach: Help families in need reach their goals and provide encouragement to host families
  • Donate/Raise Funds: Your financial support keeps children safe and families intact
  • Pray: Pray for families in crisis, our volunteers, our staff, and the movement
  • Host a Home Gathering:
  • Assist w/Administrative Tasks: Phone Calls, emails, data entry
  • Become a Circle of Support for One Family: Provide clothing, food, transportation or other items to support family.


Jackson County 

Host Home- We are still looking for a host home for a newly turned 18 year old female.  This youth has been in foster care since she was 11, she is very limited on her housing options and currently staying in an unsafe situation.  She is a sweet girl with a big heart.  She is ready to make some lifestyles changes, heal, and move forward.  She needs to be loved on.  

Host Home We are looking for a host home for a 19 year old who is currently sleeping in his car.  We have secured a host home for his sister whom is 18.  Mom is currently struggling with complications from diabetes (see family coach need below for more details).   A mentor would be awesome too! 

Respite Home needed for 1 weekend a month for a 14 year old girl.   She attends Hedrick Junior High School.  Mom is a single mom with no local family support and this youth struggles with some minimal developmental delays, this youth’s wrap around team have advised mom to find a respite.  This is a great Safe Families fit and respite care is so important in these scenarios.  It is also a unique way to make and impact by building relationship with this family and around this youth. 

Respite Home AND Mentor for a very active and high needs 10-year old. Do you have experience/skills working with a high needs youth?  If so, we need you.   We would also like to secure respite for the 2 other youth in the home so mom could get some 1×1 time with the high needs child.  This could be 1-2x a month, you can make your own schedule/availability. 

Parent Mentor have you battled and recovered from addiction?  We need a parent mentor for a mom of 2 who has a trauma and addiction background.  She is currently in recovery and seeking healthy supports to keep her moving forward. 

Family Coach- To work with a family of 5.  Mom has complications from diabetes and needs help securing housing.  Children are age 19, 18, 10 and 6.   The 18 year old is in a Safe Families Host Home.   We would like to try to secure a host home for the 19 year old, he comes with a dog.

Family Coachto work with a Host Family, this would be a great opportunity to experience the family coach role in a low commitment way.  We need someone to do weekly checks in with host family, check on needs, pray with/for them, etc. and report to The Family Coach Supervisor.  

Family Coach/ Christian Mentorneeded for a single mother raising a high needs child. Experience in raising a child with ADHD, ODD and/or RAD preferred.  Mom needs spiritual guidance and parenting support.  Someone to take her to coffee and offer friendship.  This might be a good fit for a husband/wife team or 2-individuals.      

Resources Needed:

  • School Backpacks: One for an 8 year old girl and another for a 9 year old boy
  • Socks: for a teen in a size 9 shoes.
  • Diapers and Wipes: Size 5 diapers and a Costco box of wipes would be awesome!
  • Gas Cards!  We received a generous donation, that we blessed several families, but we are low again.
  • Food Cards!  $10 -25 Each.  We are working with a teen who is living in his car.  He doesn’t always get a hot meal. 
  • Family Coaches:  The family coach is a pivotal and impactful role in the hosting. You get to work with both the hosting family AND the biological family.  Safe Families will train, support and walk alongside you in this role.  

Thank you for the shoes for the teen!
Secured a Family coach for the 18 year old.

Current Hosting’s/Circle of Support:
Faith Christian Center:  1 circle of Support
Grace Point:  1 Hosting and 1 Circle of Support
Mountain Bible:  1 Hosting
Living Waters: 1 Hosting
Eagle Point Community Bible Family: 1 Hosting
Non-Assigned Church: 1 Medford Hosting being supported by church life group

For additional information contact Rick Fraenkel by phone: 541.941.3830
OR email: